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Ethiopian wolf
Canis simensis

C David Castor, CC 2.0

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African pied wagtail
Motacilla aguimp

C Becky Matsubara, CC 2.0

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Picrew 14102

✨💕✨Find it here ✨💕✨

  • 7 skin tones

  • Elf ears

  • Animal ears

  • Horns and halo

  • Angel and devil wings

  • Face mask

  • Animal tails

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2 birds

starting off this account with my pathfinder character Isa (on the right) n her brother Ishak! expect a LOT more pathfinder drawings

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this is so pretty,, i love the colors =0 !

a new faun oc to go with my summer and winter fauns :,) this is ciar (pronounced "keer" ) the haunting faun of fall

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holy heck this is stunning!! there's so much detail here, it's fascinating to look at!! i really like the leaves&such in their hair and the spikes framing their head and the way the hair falls on their face and so many other things it's just really neat =0

what's happening with the antlers, are they shedding?

Birthday present for TheHauntedBird from Sweetochii both @ twitter <333 I am so proud of this one tbh I love them so much

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I love the thought of women

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I hit post too soon but I like it enough to leave it as is.

The algorithm™: Here, watch how a banana decomposes
Me: gross *watches video*
The algorithm™, seeing how I watch another food rotting timelapse: All according to keikaku

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A Letter to Momo (2011)

sometimes i reminisce on the days I used to run the skelecovers-nobody-wanted tumblr and... my god... were those good days.

Being involved in the community... with people just... jamming and throwing ideas and stuff...

It was very very good.

If you were a follower, lmk =D

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

instagram | ko-fi

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just gals being pals

(PSYCH! these two are hella gay)

Me: Sorry, that thing is not for me

Someone: Untill it is

Me: *has asexual flashblacks*

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taking a research survey and

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cant i just stare at these potatoes long enough and have them turn into french fries

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this is the 1 true use of laser eyes

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i don't even wanna THINK

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Thinking's overrated anyway, that's why I don't do it anymore

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gee guys, i dont know what the right answer is

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Chickens are so CUTE

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naiad asked:

I forgot that chinchillas exist! They look like they would feel like the softest thing you could ever touch and I 100% want to try drawing one ♥

They ARE the softest thing you could ever touch. They are cute, they are sassy, they are adorable and soft and i love them so much. <3

oooh, i get it. Ok so...
Why is blocking someone "for no reason" "bad"?

I dont get it? People really should have the freedom they want when interacting with people online

We have enough faking IRL for fucks sake.

Like, i dont have anyone blocked in here (because i dont really use this place) but If I block someone it will be because I dont want to see their stuff. Any post that includes them, their possible art, their original posts, their memes, NOTHING.
Thats all. I shouldnt give anyone any reasons what-so-ever. Period.

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don't let people make you uncomfortable in your own online space

i dont log in a couple days and what the fuck is goin on in here?

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Grey-faced sengi
Rhynchocyon udzungwensis

C Francesco Rovero (MUSE), CC 4.0

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