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How dare anyone assume I'll ever reach my peak of dumbass

How dare.

Anisogomphus maacki

C Alpsdake, CC 4.0

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Mermay Day 15 - Rainbow

im a simple lesbian...i crave Tenderness

also colorful lighting is weird and idk how to do it right lol

Sinocrassula yunnanensis

C Kpopsomzao, CC 3.0

Corsac fox
Vulpes corsac

C Николай Усик, CC 3.0

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Kit fox
Vulpes macrotis

C Peterson, B., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, public domain

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Rüppell's fox
Vulpes rueppellii

C HelmutBoehm, CC 2.0

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Caught someone being super cute.

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  • just because i post about a media doesn't mean i agree with everything the creators/characters have ever said or done

  • just because i follow people on social media doesn't mean i agree with everything they've ever said or done

  • just because i use waterfall doesn't mean i agree with everything thell and the mods have ever said or done

  • kinda hope that's obvious

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Fennec fox
Vulpes zerda

C Derek Keats, CC 2.0

Blandford's fox
Vulpes cana

C Eyal Bartov, CC 3.0

Bat-eared fox
Otocyon megalotis

C Derek Keats, CC 2.0

Raccoon dog
Nyctereutes procyonoides

C Владимир Маковецкий, CC 3.0

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Tierpark Hagenbeck (Zoo Hagenbeck) Hamburg, Germany
September 2018

Pampas fox
Lycalopex gymnocercus

C Vinicios de Moura, CC 3.0

Hoary fox
Lycalopex vetulus

C Carlos Henrique Luz Nunes de Almeida, CC 3.0

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There was a ghibli redraw trend on twitter, and I was cool with it until I came across this still shot from Howl's Moving Castle and felt compelled for a week. This took me a total of 18 hours, and I must stop looking at it or else I will keep rendering it to oblivion. Good study! Good fun and healing. Here's the original.

Black-backed jackal
Canis mesomelas

C Martin Mecnarowski, GNU 1.2 & CC 3.0

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something very minor that always grinds my pepper is when mermaid societies are depicted with buildings that are only a few stories like ours, especially when they have fucking roads. like??? i don't know if anybody has noticed, but mermaids can swim in any direction they like, including UP. why the hell would they resrict themselves to the bottom of the ocean?? you fools. you IMBECILES. they would build into canyonsides and stack those buildings up on top of each other as much as they please. think of the aesthetic possibilities!! patchworks of differently colored squares on a cayonside to denote where one shop starts and another ends!! building fronts being carved into to create decorations!! merpeople darting up, down, left, right, diagonal, all swooping around each other with ease bc the sidewalk can't be cramped if there's no sidewalk!! C'MON!!

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i have an aesthetic kidcore blog on tumblr and i've never broke the aesthetic on there but yesterday I posted "Black lives matter" and someone on anon seriously tried to tell me that I need to "tag politics so they don't have to see that shit" like if those 3 words are so bad you don't even want to see them on your dashboard then I don't want you to follow me anyhow

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As someone viscerally trying to escape seeing every gorey detail on Tumblr, this guy can go fuck himself. Black Lives Matter is not politics, especially as a stand alone post. It is, at worst, an acknowledgement of current events. And if that alone is harming you right now, no where is safe. And honestly? That's the point. There are hysterical amounts of people out there right now with very little or no safety.

Not caring about the state of the world right now has become unsafe. And they now I think about that statement, the more necessary I find it.

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the complete erasure of tony mcdade's death on twitter and in the news sickens me. they either misgender him and call him a woman or completely fucking gloss over his death and i know why. it's because he's trans. he's trans and black at the same exact time but people either write him off because he's trans or ignore the trans part of his identity while acting like he's Black First.. no you dumbass he's black A N D trans.

Canis latrans

C Josh Williams, CC 2.0